A 2222 piece NFT collection dedicated to REAL utility, community, and Game-Fi


What is

Alpha Origins is a Web3 community passionate about the emerging blockchain  industry. It is our goal to build a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable community, while also hosting events and giveaways. The "Alpha Originals" are a drop of custom  characters, created by Ben Herrera with special utility. Come join us!

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Aside from community and art, NFTs are nothing without real utility. In other words, what does it do?

1. Exclusive Events and Giveaways

Alpha Origins has given away over $50,000 in prizes to our community members during our community events! NFT holders and subscribers will soon have exclusive access to these incredible events! You will have the opportunity to play mini-games, win prizes, and learn insider information from the hosts and speakers of our favorite projects.

2. Airdrops

50% of the mint will be staked into high yield revenue generators such as Ethereum nodes, yield farming, and  other long term De-Fi staking protocols. Airdrops will be distributed to all holders from the community pool and NFT lands.

3. Metaverses

Gain access to the biggest metaverse lands in Web3, including The Otherside, Sandbox, Illuvium, Big Time, Phantom Galaxies, and many MANY more!

4. Collaboration

Gain access to our huge network of NFT projects and communities in Web3 and Game Fi.  Alpha Origins is an officially registered guild with games such as Illuvium, Big Time, Phantom Galaxies,  and GALA Games. Our leaders and guild members will  teach you how to start playing and earning in these industry leading projects!

5. Future Plans

50% of the mint will be used to fund future giveaways, events, and project expenses. Alpha Origins will be around for years to come, immutable on the blockchain.

Community Pool

Each NFT will periodically receive airdrops from our many staking pools, yield farms, and Ethereum nodes. The mint and secondary sales will be used to continuously grow the community pool and add new protocols.

...and more!


Ben Herrera has more than 20 years experience in the comic book and video game industry. With his work on IPs such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Justice League, Wolverine, and Batman: Arkham City, we are incredibly excited for the opportunity to work with such a talented artist. He also has additional experience with 3D game design and concept art creation for massive companies such as Rockstar Games and Blowfish Studios. With work in games such as Dues Ex, Red Dead Revolver, Red Dead Redemption, and the Midnight Club franchise, he is a perfect fit for our community!

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Minting or purchasing an NFT will require a Web3 wallet such as Metamask and Ethereum.

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